Our story

Sinlikas was founded by architect-turned-entrepreneur, Mr. Robert Ng Ong. It all started in 2007 with his personal journey to a healthy lifestyle. Being a vegetarian, it was hard to find a restaurant in Lipa, Batangas that would cater to his healthy choices. Lipa was home to fresh produce and Mr. Ong saw this as an opportunity to make use of their fresh fruits and vegetables.

In 2009, a life-changing moment happened. His beloved mother passed away due to deteriorating health and poor nutrition. This incident fueled Mr. Ong’s desire to share his advocacy of healthy living,most especially to the elderly who are in need of proper nutrition even more.


Mr. Ong was driven by his personal advocacy of healthy living and sparked by his passion to help out the livelihood of farmers in Lipa, Batangas and inspired from Jing Si aphorism by master Cheng Yen(Doing Good Deeds) envision to develop a healthy drinks, snack foods especially for elderly people. In 2010,Mr. Ong started conducting product development studies in Food Development Center in Bicutan and In 2011, the researcher Mr. Wilson Tan and his staff, KaEmong from UPLB-Food Science Department.They were able to develop a fruit and vegetable nectar drinks  such as Kalyote

(kalabasa and sayote), Ay Saba (banana), Tochiqui (chico), Kaleha (watermelon), Pinabano (soursop) and Bulanglang (mixed vegetables). In 2012-2013, Mr. Ong built his plant and finally, in 2014,he began manufacturing fruit and vegetable nectar, which he envisions to grow further in the coming years and also aims to promote Sinlikas not just in the Philippines, but also abroad.