• 1. What are the different types of juices?
    Juices can be classified as 100% juice, nectars and fruit drinks.
    100% Juice refers to juices that have 100% real fruit content, comes directly from fruits, and retains their original aroma, color, vitamins and minerals without sugar and additives. Nectars contain 25 to 50% fruit juice mixed with additional water and sweeteners. Fruit drinks contain a small proportion of fruit juice and are made up mostly of water, sugar additives such as citric acid, artificial flavors, colorants and stabilizers.

  • 2. How are Sinlikas products unique?
    Sinlikas is the only company in the Philippines, which produces real freshly squeezed tropical fruit/ vegetable nectar with pineapple, radish, garlic, ginger made with all-natural preservatives such as vinegar, sugar and salt and have no artificial flavor and color added and low calorie and no cholesterol drink.
  • 3. How does Sinlikas ensure quality among its products?
    Sinlikas fruit and vegetable nectars are made from the finest and freshest produce from local farmers in Lipa. We make sure to keep any processing to a minimum to retain the pure and natural taste of our products.

    At Sinlikas, we make sure to follow the strictest quality control. From the moment that fresh produce arrives, it undergoes cleaning, peeling, extraction, mixing, pasteurization at 85⁰C and filled hot in a 320 mL HDPE bottle. It is sealed with aluminum induction and then cooled down to prevent the juice from fermenting.

  • 4. What type of packaging does Sinlikas use?
    We use High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottle to ensure our products are always in tip-top condition.

    Sinlikas values its quality products, hence the use of high quality packaging as well.

  • 5. How can one best enjoy Sinlikas juice nectar?
    Sinlikas juice nectar is best served cold. Shake well and drink up to taste the goodness of real fruits or vegetables.
  • 6. Once opened, how long does Sinlikas drink last?
    Sinlikas is ready to drink once opened. If not refrigerated, it will last for 4 hours only. Be sure to refrigerate and consume it within 3 days after opening.
  • 7. Why does Sinlikas nectar use radish, garlic, ginger and pineapple?
    True to Sinlikas’ philosophy, we make sure to use all natural ingredients for our nectar drinks. Radish, is known to act as a natural decongestant of the respiratory. Garlic is known to have Allicin, a powerful antioxidant, which helps fight infection and bacteria. Ginger is known to help battle cold and flu. Pineapple is known to improve the immune system. Coming in a ready-to-drink form, this allows nutrients and minerals to be quickly absorbed by our body.
  • 8. Can Sinlikas juice nectar improve metabolism?
    Yes, Sinlikas can definitely aid in metabolism. Being made from freshly squeezed fruits or vegetables, Sinlikas juice nectar is a good source of fiber to help boost metabolism.
  • 9. Can Sinlikas juice nectar be an alternative to energy drink?
    Sinlikas juice nectar is a good source of energy because of Potassium and Magnesium. Being all natural and made from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables, experience that jolt of energy with Sinlikas juice nectar.
  • 10. Can I combine soursop nectar with banana nectar?
    Soursop is made of white pulpy acidic taste, banana contains natural sweetness so when combined together makes the drink more palatable.
  • 11. Can I combine 320mL jackfruit nectar and 320mL banana nectar for a full meal?
    Yes, because combining these two drinks makes up 390 calories, which is already equivalent to a full meal.
  • 12. Does Sinlikas nectar need to be refrigerated? What is shelf stable?
    No need to refrigerate. Shelf stable means products can stand at room temperature.
  • 13. Can I add water to Sinlikas juice nectar?
    No, adding water will change the taste of the real goodness of fruits and vegetables found in Sinlikas drink.
  • 14. Why use HDPE or PP bottle and paper packaging for labels?
    HDPE or PP bottle both can stand high temp around to 90⁰C, since our product undergoes a hot filled process. Paper packaging label is more environmental and biodegradable which helps save the earth.
  • 15. Does Sinlikas use corn syrup or other artificial sweeter?
    No, Sinlikas only uses cane sugar as sweetener.
  • 16. Is Sinlikas available abroad?
    For questions regarding distribution abroad, get in touch with us at sinlikas@yahoo.com.