Beverages for Senior Citizen

Drink in the goodness of fruit and vegetable extract made even better with mixed extract of pineapple, which is known to improve the immune system, ginger known to help battle cold and flu, garlic known to have Allicin, a powerful antioxidant, which helps fight infection and bacteria and lastly, radish, which is known to act as a natural decongestant of the respiratory.

Drinking Sinlikas Fruit and Vegetable Nectar allows nutrients and minerals to be quickly absorbed by our body. So that’s a dose of your minerals in a slurp.

  • Aysaba Cardaba Banana Nectar
    Contains 50% Cardaba Banana extract
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  • Tochiqui Sapodilla Nectar
    Contains 50% Sapodilla (Chico) Extract
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  • Kaleha Watermelon Nectar
    Contains 80% Watermelon Extract
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  • Pinabano Soursop Nectar
    Contains 50% Gayubano extract
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  • Kalyote Squash/Chayote Nectar
    Contains 65% mixed extract of Kalabasa
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  • Bulanglang Mixed Vegetable Nectar
    Contains 30% mixed extract of various vegetables
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Beverage for the Young and Active

  • Ka Nory Katas ng Langka Nectar
    Contains 30% Langka Juice Extract
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  • Ka Dolly Katas ng Guyabano Nectar
    Contains 30% Guyabano Juice Extract
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  • Ka Gerry Katas ng Saging Saba Nectar
    Contains 30% Saging na Saba Juice Extract
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  • Cheska Katas ng Kalabasa at Sayote Nectar
    Contains 50% Kalabasa /Sayote Juice Extract
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